We provide inspection, assessment and certification of civil and structural elements on site. Specifically, we review individual items such as footings, slabs, piling, piers  associated reinforcement, osd, pavements and public domain works. Our services  include:

  • Structural engineering certification.
  • Inspection of reinforcement prior to pouring concrete for lapping and ties of steel reinforcement,
  • Inspection of concrete slump, grade, quality, testing facilitation and specification
  • Inspection and certification of formwork.
  • Inspection and certification of masonry works.
  • Inspection and certification of structural steel design drawings.
  • Inspection and certification of bolt thread connections.
  • Inspection and certification of fabrication and or surface treatment.
  • Hydraulic compliance and assessment certifications
  • OSD and WSUD components compliance certifications
  • Works as executed plans review and certification.
  • Audit and design assessment with certifications
  • Private road and drainage design and construction and compliance certificate
  • Stormwater management facilities design and construction compliance certification
  • Subdivision road and drainage construction compliance certification

Our Team is highly skilled and Registered with NSW Building Professional Boards C Category Engineering accredited Certifiers. Due to this registration, we can issue certificates
Authorised by C1, C2 C3, C4, C5, C6, C15, C16 Accredited certifiers. Under Building Professional Act 2005 as set out in Schedule 1 of the Building professional regulation 2007.